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You have been thinking about buying a Real Sexdoll for a long time, but you are not sure which manufacturer to choose or which advantages which provider has? Here we give you an overview of the most important love doll manufacturers, explain what we pay attention to when choosing our suppliers and show you our certificates of authenticity.

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You have been thinking about buying a Real Sexdoll for a long time, but you are not sure which manufacturer to choose or which advantages which provider has? Here we give you an overview of the most important love doll manufacturers, explain what we pay attention to when choosing our suppliers and show you our certificates of authenticity.

The manufacturer 6YE Premium Doll – more precisely the company Dongguan Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. is located in DongGuan in the GuangZhou Province in China. 6YE Premium was founded in 2013 and focused directly on the manufacture and sale of high-quality, realistic love dolls made from TPE.

The premium range from the 6YE DOLL brand is quite simply the best there is in the world of TPE sex dolls today. Premium TPE sex dolls have been crafted, sculpted and sculpted with luxurious materials to a degree of incomparable detail. They are currently very popular with people who love real dolls. 6YE DOLL premium love dolls in particular have a metal skeleton of the last generation with very easy handling and increased resistance. Her TPE premium skin reproduces real female epidermis all the way to the tips of her nipples.

What distinguishes the 6YE DOLL Premium brand from its competitors is without a doubt the attention to detail with which the sexual openings (vagina, anus) are formed. Their appearance is simply a perfect reproduction of reality. And your feelings of pleasure can only be multiplied.

Sex dolls from AIFEI Dolls (also known as AF Dolls) are super realistic sex dolls made from TPE. This high quality TPE enables them to reproduce the texture, softness, elasticity, suppleness and grain of human skin. Many body shapes and many faces are offered so that you can create the perfect replica of your imagination with just a few clicks. The quality of every order is checked on site by our representatives. Discover now the great models of real sex dolls from this brand.

AI-Tech sex robots (or sex doll robots, sex bot in English) are the new generation of realistic and adult sex dolls. These Realbots are shaped identically to the body and face of a woman or a man and can be adjusted continuously. Unlike Japanese love dolls, these sex dolls are equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables them to interact, speak (in English only), react and take on all of the human’s facial expressions. The first humanoid AI-Tech sex dolls we offer can blink, smile, move their lips, speak or moan. All models are tested several days before being discreetly shipped to your home. Only the best brands of sex robots with recognized expertise have been selected by us. If you have any questions about our ultra-realistic sexbots, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AS was founded in 2005 and is a top brand for spherically connected sex dolls, which is dedicated to the design, development and production of high quality, bespoke sex dolls with beautiful similarities.

In 2008 a gorgeous male sex doll named Bowen was released which had great success after its launch. The sex dolls collector is attracted not only by the beautiful design and high quality, but also by the story behind this figure. Since then, the good name Angell Studio has spread to the world of spherically connected love dolls.

This company provides you with high quality and safe adult sex toys at a reasonable price. These realistic sex dolls are made of TPE and have a skeleton made of sturdy metal. All dolls feel soft, smooth and elastic and can hardly be distinguished from real woman’s skin. The experts at AS DOLL attach great importance to the fact that the dolls can assume various poses to an appropriate extent without being damaged.

In addition, the lifelike sex dolls are very high quality and have the best components for manufacturing. Before shipping, every AS DOLL sex doll is carefully checked, and you will enjoy your silicone or TPE love doll for years to come.

This company specializes in the production of high-end adult dolls. They have a large and professional production technology team that has focused on constantly improving the physical simulation of the dolls. So far, our customers have always been satisfied when they have opted for a Climax product. The products are made of TPE, which has many advantages over silicone. Within the products, Climax uses metal as a skeleton. This combination of materials ensures long durability and optimal fun in use. Through the continuous efforts of this manufacturer, we were able to make many customers across Europe happy.

The manufacturer Doll Forever is a creator of beautiful life-size sex dolls made of TPE. The brand strives to create realistic and luxurious Real TPE love dolls that perfectly imitate the sweetness of the flesh and the agility of a real woman. The brand’s technicians use high-quality raw materials in a brilliant way to give your future a beautiful body. The TPE formula from manufacturer doll4ever has a very good reputation in the ultra-realistic love doll industry. This high level of quality is the result of hard work by the manufacturer’s research and development teams. An interesting modularity is offered to make your Love Dolls a unique being who just misses the word.

The manufacturer, Doll Forever, has excellent production technology and uses platinum TPE raw materials. The weight of sex dolls is lighter than pure TPE, highly permeable, odorless, low oil yield and good hand feeling. Currently, the body frame is improved using the EVO enhanced version frame, with more joints, more sensible, more simulated and easy to use. He can perfectly realize the knee position, Asian squat, palm rest chin, shrug, chest and other movements, and use more aluminum parts to make it easily. And the manufacturer creates a variety of vaginal internal structures, and the diversification of internal structures in the Celebrity Instruments allows customers to have more choices, more realistic experiences, and more exciting feelings.

The manufacturer Doll House 168 has been working on sex dolls with a high level of realism and quality for several years. Their first models came on the real love doll market in 2015. As soon as they hit the market, their creations were successful. Their technicians, sculptors, and designers always offer greater possibilities. The Real Doll in the EVO version is the perfect example of this. It has a TPE skin that is almost perfect and soft to the touch, a very simple body / head connector, and an improved skeleton. These Doll House 168 sex dolls are extremely realistic and offer a range of movements that are appropriate to the human body.

Doll House 168 uses TPE to make our beautiful models. This is a more economical alternative to silicone.
In addition, it retains the same functions, looks and feels like real women.

You can customize all the details like skin color, eye color, hairstyle, nails, pubic hair, vagina type, areola size and color, etc. The Sex Dolls from Doll House 168 are 100% as shown in the pictures. What you see is what you get

With DS Doll sex dolls, the company not only wants to create a product, but sees itself as a creator of beauty and aesthetics. The Chinese company develops, creates and produces real dolls, which are supposed to be works of art rather than sex toys.

DS Doll, based in Dalian in the province of Liaoning in China, acts as a subsidiary of EX Doll and produces premium sex dolls made of silicone. Attention to detail, always new creations and improvements, high quality and pure handcraft in the production of the love dolls are part of the company’s philosophy. The special plus of the Real Dolls: They are particularly lightweight and are made according to your personal wishes. You can choose between different body types, skin and hair colors and many different head and eye shapes.

A robust and articulated metal skeleton forms the basis of the DS Doll sex dolls, the skin is made of platinum-hardened silicone. The optimally malleable material enables a detailed and realistic execution of all body features, this also applies to the vagina and anus. Easy to care for and resistant to heat, water and stains, the DS Doll sex doll becomes a playmate who will accompany you for many years and make many of your dreams come true.

It takes more than 80 individual steps to turn the first idea into a lifelike sex doll. Sculptors, engineers and makeup artists do the preparatory work and constantly provide new ideas and improvements to make the DS Doll sex dolls even more realistic and supple. In the beginning, the master form is lovingly and perfectly modeled, the cast silicone form becomes the dream woman piece by piece in many individual manual sections, who later becomes your playmate.

Elsa Babe is a professional development, design, production, processing and sales company specializing in adult products and sex dolls made from physical silicone. We have a complete and scientific quality management system and mature design, R&D and production team, and stable and reliable production and delivery capacity to ensure the continuous supply of goods. Elsa Babe’s products are carefully crafted by our professional designers and engineers. We strive for perfection at every step of production and hope that every detail can be perfected. The products are all made of food grade silicone material, five poisons are harmless, safety certified and do not cause any health effects on the human body.

This line is for everyone who loves the world of manga, anime and fantasy and wants to bring their own anime girl or magical elf with sexy curves to bed as a sex doll. Very typical of the Japanese drawing style, Elsa Babe’s love dolls also have big googly eyes and their entire design is simply kawaii!

Gynoid is a luxury silicone doll manufacturer based in China. They specialize in ultra-realistic art collections in the field of human simulation, high-quality mannequins, super-realistic dolls made of solid silicone and artificial intelligent robot friends. A combination of traditional sculpture, 3D digital modeling and hand painting that takes care of every detail of our products. These ultra-realistic sex dolls are made of food-grade platinum silicone, an alloy and technical plastic bones. Gynoid has achieved full body joint range of motion in realistic ranges, including full finger joint articulation (no wires).

Each Gynoid RZR silicone doll can stand and has no screws or pins protruding from the feet. This is a brand new technology for sex dolls.

HR Doll is a brand new brand of realistic TPE sex doll. HR Doll is a sub-brand of a world-famous sex doll manufacturer. The production process is exactly the same as that of WM. This Shenzhen-based China-based manufacturer offers two types of love doll models: life-size TPE female sex doll, but also a TPE and silicone male real doll for her face.

All creations are the result of serious work by the HR Doll teams. The sex dolls should be aesthetic and very well designed. In terms of the quality of the materials, we’re touching on the best Chinese love dolls in the world here. Softness, suppleness and texture are brilliantly restored. The touch sensations approach those of human skin. The skeleton is also known to be solid and articulated for possible sex positions in doggy style, missionary …

The manufacturer Irontech Doll has its company building with administration and production at the following address: No.71, XiDie Road, Shaxi, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China. Irontech Doll was founded in 2017. At the very beginning, the dolls were made to order by various manufacturers such as Jinsan / WM Doll. The constant further development also included cutting the cord and setting up our own production lines.

According to the company, around 15 employees are currently working in administration and production around the lifelike sex doll. Through further expansions and investments, this currently still small number of employees is to be increased further and further in the coming months

Irontech Doll sex dolls are premium love dolls that are made and molded in TPE on request. These premium love dolls have absolutely everything from a real woman: soft, structured, elastic skin, a completely movable body over a metal skeleton. The result borders on perfection, both visually and sensationally. When you buy a water-based lubricant, you will be immersed in vaginal and anal penetration worthy of reality. Irontech Doll‘ realistic vagina was designed with impressive attention to detail. Can’t you tell the difference between a real woman’s vagina and that of a premium Irontech Doll blindfolded doll ready to take the bet? Discover our models of premium sex dolls without further delay.

JY Doll is one of the most renowned and established manufacturers of premium TPE love dolls. With more than 10 years experience, their manufacturing techniques can be called art, so that JY Doll love dolls have the super real feeling and the realistic facial features.

For a long time, JY Doll was associated with the WM Doll brand and proposed a range of highly aesthetic erotic sex dolls. This brand of love doll differs from its competitors in the beauty of its models, the quality of manufacture and the materials used for a very affordable price. Here’s a nice way to dive into the mysterious world of real dolls and love dolls on a budget. Will you be able to resist the temptation? JY Doll prefer big breast doll. Whatever body they have, always big breast. You have so much chubby sex doll. If you love them, JY Doll is a good choice. For the price, they are very cheap almost all people can pay for it.

JY Doll, big breast silicone sex doll, real sex doll, life size love doll, real skin sex doll, chubby sex doll.

OR Doll is an excellent manufacturer founded in 2005 for many years. The company has its own large factory which focuses on the development, design, production and sales of TPE sex dolls. It has high-tech TPE standard materials and advanced design in the lifelike sex dolls market in European and American countries.

No other brand than OR Doll knows how to bring out the two main arguments of a sex doll. Because these love dolls are clearly about gigantic breasts and love dolls with a lot of sex appeal! Here you will find a large selection of sweet and slim real dolls with enormous busts and the heartfelt desire to become your only real doll. Especially if you appreciate the beauty and femininity of Eastern European women, you should definitely take a closer look at the mostly 146 cm to 161 cm tall OR Doll made of TPE.

If you love Japanese anime characters, maybe it is time to buy a real Love Dolls Piper Doll to take you to the next level. These real love dolls are custom made and are largely inspired by the sexy creatures of the Japanese manga. They are the life-size version of the anime characters from Japan. Here, the bodies are made from TPE and attached to a robust metal frame. The big advantage over the small statuette is the possibility to share a real sentimental relationship or even a real sexual intimacy with your favorite model. Every real sex doll Piper Doll has an ultra-realistic vagina, anus and a mouth for real sex pleasure. Start the sex doll experience by crossing the Cape Piper Doll! You will be overwhelmed by her charisma, her power of seduction and her desire to satisfy you sexually. The Piper Doll models are also very popular with collectors who are passionate about sexy photography.

We are happy to welcome QiTa Doll, dolls that are very much inspired by Asian beauties. With her Japanese manga or Chinese female model look, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to sculpting your ideal doll. QiTa Doll are perfect to accompany you and always very attentive. They are also wonderful sexual partners. From the moment you unpack your package, you won’t be able to resist caresses, touches, massages of his realistic chest and all sorts of sexual jokes.

QiTa Sex Doll are famous for their faces as they can create ultimate stunning realistic faces that are not only sexy and lifelike but also have a touch of fantasy in the mix. The bodies are also amazing as they are great love doll creators overall.

The Company Sanhui Model Making Co. Ltd was founded in China in 2010. All lifelike silicone dolls are made of high quality silicone which is imported from Japan. The high-quality silicone dolls have a fully poseable, durable stainless steel skeleton that is padded with a soft, environmentally friendly foam. This Sanhui Dolls skeleton ensures a large range of motion for your silicone sex doll, similar to the human body.

The noble silicone gives the Sanhui Dolls a pleasant tactile feeling that comes very close to human skin. It is dirt-repellent, dust-repellent and easy to clean. The silicone also allows even the finest details to be shaped by the artists of the lifelike silicone dolls. If you take a look at the Sanhui Dolls silicone sex dolls, you will quickly recognize the incredible artistic attention to detail of the silicone dolls and notice the beautiful feet. In order to achieve a softness similar to the female breast, the silicone sex dolls from Sanhui Dolls have built a softer silicone into the breast. These wonderful playmates are divided into three categories according to their size. There is a mini size, a medium size and a lifelike size.

The lifelike silicone sex dolls are shaped in a large selection by an extremely talented and professional team that has been active in this field for many years. All Sanhui Silicon Sex Dolls also have a built-in vagina. To make cleaning the openings as easy as possible, you will receive cleaning tools with the purchase. Other skin colors are also possible.

Born in 2016, the SEDoll brand offers competitive prices for love dolls with rare aesthetics. These life-size dolls are valued by professional photographers and artists alike who need a model that can rival any female model in charm and naturalness. In addition to the purely artistic aspect of the SEDoll models, the manufacturer guarantees an unforgettable and ultra-sensory experience. The models are made of TPE and accurately reproduce the anatomy of the human body. Sexual openings like vagina, anus and mouth have an appearance, a visual, a touch, a cavity that can put you in a carnal, erotic and sensual atmosphere worthy of reality. The innovative love dolls from SEDoll are individually manufactured according to the desired standards.

Sino Doll was founded in 2018 and continues to offer a new line of realistic silicone dolls. The quality standards of this manufacturer are among the best. The new realistic body and face makeup options make them as realistic as the best brands can offer. The bodies and faces of Sino Doll dolls are hand sculpted and made by real artists.

Sino Doll specializes in the design and manufacture of premium quality medical silicone sex dolls specially developed for their hyper-realistic, high-resolution love dolls. With a decade of experience making high quality love dolls, Sino Doll are experts in the field, earning them an excellent reputation for making some of the best, most realistic silicone dolls in the world.

Sino Doll offer advanced skin textures including a smooth matte effect and hyper-realistic painting that creates a smooth, delicate, extremely durable and highly flexible softness with a believable human skin feel and an unbeatable visual experience.

From the production: “Sino Dollls are not just silicone sex dolls, they are a work of art.” We can’t say more!

Established in 2015, SM-Doll is one of the sex doll manufacturers integrating R&D, production and sales, located in Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, China. This is the charm of technology: all products are handcrafted. Regarding material and structure, the R&D team started developing the first generation products in 2014.

We have repeatedly customized 100 technologies and improved the design of 320 assembly technologies. SM Doll is our loyal partner. We worked on different dolls. We have our own perseverance and creativity in the pursuit of beauty.

Dolls have seldom been as realistic as our newest partner Starpery. A whole new kind of realism has been created with an unprecedented level of detail. The perfect symbiosis of super soft TPE body and high quality silicone head makes the hearts of men all over the world beat faster. Implanted hair, gel breasts and a “super realism effect”, whereby even individual veins become visible! New standards are set here. We are therefore incredibly proud to be able to offer the Original Starpery Dolls.

Some of the hallmarks of Starpery Dolls body sculpts are options for highly detailed body makeup, heating and sound customisation and generous hip/buttock measurements – this last detail resulting in a very realistic, womanly shape for their dolls.

Sexdollgenie is one of the most trusted sellers of SY Doll in the Sexdollgenie shop. All SY Doll sex dolls made of high quality TPE are durable and realistic. Check out our realistic dolls and buy one to increase your sexual pleasure! SY Doll has been focusing on TPE sex dolls since 2015. Sexual luxury love dolls have the perfect body, innovative in doll art and makeup details. Advanced TPE is a new type of TPE that has excellent elasticity and can be stretched 5-6 times while maintaining its softness and elasticity, less oil and no baby powder to make it feel more realistic and durable.

Similar to other sex toys, realistic SY Love Doll have many advantages. From sexual liberation to companion. Some customers also use sex dolls for photography, fashion, and modeling. Even couples use sex dolls to spice up their relationships. Your first doll experience will be unique and this doll will be with you forever. Love dolls are great to hang out with; they will be loyal and always listen to you. They can also help you live the sexual adventures that you have dreamed of.

The manufacturer WM Doll is based in Zhongsan City, Guangdong Province, China. Zhongshan Jinsan Mannequin Co. Ltd – known in Europe as WM Doll – was founded in 2010 for the purpose of researching, developing, manufacturing and selling lifelike love dolls. WM Doll currently produces more than 30,000 realistic TPE dolls per year. The company building now covers more than 8,000 square meters.

According to its own information, WM Doll currently employs more than 200 people in the production of love dolls and more than 20 employees in administration and sales. WM Doll also relies on strict compliance with quality control and was one of the first companies in China to use TPE material for the production of love dolls.

The manufacturer WM Doll offers a huge selection of different European and Asian bodies and heads – whether slim, normally built or chubby – there is a suitable type for every taste. All models and styles were laid out and modeled strictly according to the prototype.

The YL Doll brand’s technology for making sex dolls is quite mature, and most of the sex dolls they produce have faces that are close to the local aesthetic style, mostly large-breasted dolls. The surface of the doll is made of TPE material, which is smooth and non-sticky and is closer to the softness of real human skin. By using the stainless steel frame design, the mannequin is very flexible and can be placed.

With the sex dolls from YL Doll it will be nice and scary and pretty sexy in your bedroom. Many love doll fans want an erotic real doll that is clearly the queen of the underworld.

With the TPE Dolls of this brand you get not only cute southern women with big breasts but also wonderfully pale vampire ladies straight to your home. You will find cute blood biters in core sizes between 146 cm and 161 cm and can thus be sure that the sex dolls are perfectly suited to your needs and favorite positions.

Zelex Doll is a star standard factory enterprise brand, the factory was established in 2013, the process experience is rich to ensure the dolls perfect in workmanship and guarantee the well made details. In the whole process, we use the real person model to give the doll hot figure and wax level craftsman to carve carefully, give the dolls meaning of angel soul.

A Zelex Doll doll has the perfect combination of traditional sculpture and 3D digital modeling. Great attention is paid from the clay sculpture to the finished product.

Zelex Dollls have a unique lifelike appearance and human design. Express your emotions and feelings with a premium sex doll brand. The real design and look of Zelex Dollls is combined with perfect texture for real feeling and real movement. Zelex Dollls are the perfect love dolls for everyone looking for an emotional experience.